You have seen our work on T.V. shows such as American Choppers and The Biker Build Off shows. Those builders use Diamond Heads for the awesome look as well as for the cooling effect, it is  a look that will last a lifetime and is very affordable it also has a cooling effect that has been proven by Engineer's to help your motor cool approximately 12% faster than stock.


Whether your bike is stock or custom we at Diamond Heads can and will make your bike look better and run cooler. The cost to have the Diamond Heads process applied to your existing heads and cylinders is $449.00 plus shipping for the standard cut. We also offer a show cut which is $549.00 plus shipping for the Diamond Heads process to be applied to your existing heads & cylinders.

Diamond Heads are available from all the top builders like Arlen and Cory Ness, Dave Perowitz, Eddie Trotta, Kendal Johnson, Paul Yaffe. Just to name a few. Diamond  Heads are also available from engine manufactures like TP Engineering, H&L Performance, Mid West and even S&S Cycles. Some of the large motorcycle manufactures like Bourget Bike Works, Big Dogs and Victory also offer Diamond Heads as an option. With hundreds of dealers nationwide chances are there is an authorized Diamond Heads dealer near you. For the dealer nearest you call Diamond Heads on our toll-free line 877-602-4026. 

Diamond Heads can apply there process to more than just heads and cylinders in fact anything that has an edge or a fin type surface and is aluminum can have the Diamond Heads process applied to it.